RTI Alerts

Enable you to keep an eye on your business at all time’s …

As a business owner do you ever wonder where the money is going, who’s doing what and when and are the decisions being made the right ones or could we do better. 

Well, RTI Alerts enables you the business owner to have an eye in the sky on your business activity and IN REAL TIME!

This means without asking any of your staff or management whats happening, you can see it all from you mobile/tablet or PC and keep ahead of the curve and in the know.

What we do!

We integrate the business activity of your choice and display it in real time.

As the business owner, you will simply be able to login into our secure website and view your business activity in real time.


See all financial activity


With our cleaning modules your business will be a shining example.


What was delivered and was it all in order. This is a simple real time update of deliveries to your business.


Staff On/Off Site

A simple 10 second sign on and off the premises which is beneficial for wages etc. 

Health & Safety

We give you all the tools to make your business compliant in all areas.


Keeping a list of all clients details in real time will help you know who you spoke to and what was arrange ect.



Insurance Documents

This is always handy to know when your insurances are due and what details you need at the touch of a button.

Message Board

Communicate with all your staff with this simple message board in real time.


Responsive Website Designs

All our websites are Browser Compatible, Mobile-Friendly and Responsive on all platforms. This simply means that we meet all the web standards and Google algorithms so your website is acceptable on the internet search engines.

Clean Coding

All our coding is checked with the www standards and automatically updated to the latest code requirements to make your website visible without distortion and responsive on all cross-browser platforms and mobile devices.

DNHM Web Designs

We can tweak any project to suit your project

We build websites for any business such as Solicitors, Accountants, Architects, Construction, General Building, Painters & Decorators, Car Valeters, Landscaper, Driveway installers, Bathroom & Kitchen suppliers …

and much more!

Achieve your goals

We can get you to finish line and beyond

We don’t just get you online we stay with you through all the changes your company experiences we are there to update as required so your website stays relevant to your company.

Hiring Us!

When you hire our company to work for you we will consult, design, build, host and maintain your online project and keep your content relevant in the online world.

Peter, Web Designer


What if I don’t have a domain name?

Don’t worry we can look after all your domain name requirements whether you own a domain name that needs transferring or if we provide one for you is not a problem for us.

How much is hosting?

Hosting packages vary from satndard websites at £25 per month, to  £120 per month for more complicated and demanding websites.

What does it cost to build my website?

The average website build ranges from £350 for standard websites and £2500 for ecommerce/shopping cart websites

Can my website be updated?

We update most websites for free if basic but may incur a fee if major and regular updating is required. With eCommerce/shopping carts you can update yourself.

Will I get an Email address?

We can integrate your emails or provide you with domain based emails. We recommend using your own emails, so this enables you to choose other web developers.

What is Clean Coding?

Clean coding is simply a case of building your website in line with the global internet standards

Will I be able to add social media?

We can intergrate your socail media or create new accounts and integrate them.

Reasons to get in touch

  • Helping your business to grow is our specialty
  • We design websites and apps with objectives, targets, aesthetics, and usability in mind
  • We design and build websites specific to our client’s requirements
  • We ask you to pay for something that you don’t need
  • We are not happy unless we are problem-solving
  • We will not cut corners to save time

Ready to get started?

Get in touch and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.